The Union of Informed Citizens is a non-governmental organization, which aims at raising public awareness regarding important issues. We intend to minimize misinformation and its impact on shaping public opinion and decision-making.


Our organization intends to become one of the best centers that will educate promoting shaping of public opinion and decision-making based on objective information.


Our mission is to raise public awareness in spheres of state and public significance. We consider this an essential and integral component of any democratic society.

We are taking measures to increase the capacity of the media field in Armenia. Moreover, we ourselves are implementing media activities through the fact-checking website, which combats misinformation.

The UIC publications primarily relate to foreign policy and concerning issues, democratic values and institutions, economy, elections, as well as citizen rights in certain areas. Our publications are frequently republished by other media. Throughout 2016, there has been more than 2000 references about us in media. Furthermore, our animated videos on Youtube, Facebook and other social media surpass several million views.

UIC, together with its partners, fights to increase the quality of the elections in Armenia, both by participating in observation missions on election day and through impacting the preceding processes.

In the course of preparing all kinds of materials, we are led by the promotion of democratic values. We will not under any circumstances justify aggressive wars, human rights abuses, as well as crimes against humanity or nature.

We do not represent interests of any political party or other groups.


“Union of Informed Citizens” has a written policy aimed at dealing with conflicts of interests and other corruption risks. The governing bodies of the organization are the executive director, the programs coordinator, and the board consisting of 5 people.

For the purpose of separation of powers, the elected board members of the organization shall not be related to the organization’s executive director and programs coordinator, and shall be known to the public.